Maporto Relief Set is a simple and lightweight system that transfers the weight of your backpack to the hips and puts its hip belt in an ergonomic position.

The Set can be attached to almost any backpack, child carrier or other carrying device and it can be removed quickly, whenever you need.

Learn more about benefits from using Maporto Relief Set.

Maporto Relief Set removes the weight of a backpack from your shoulders and transfers it to your hips and lumbar region.

Maporto Relief Set reduces the pressure of the hip belt on the sensitive areas of your belly.

It allows using a hip belt for people in any body shape and for those who are very sensitive in the belly areas.

Maporto Relief Set makes ventilated back systems redundant by improving back ventilation. This feature allows you to save money and weight.

Maporto Relief Set is a perfect solution for carrying weights both on the back and front. You won’t feel the front burden on your shoulders.

Maporto Relief Set provides hand support, so most of the weight of your arms can be transfered to the hip belt.

Maporto Relief Set allows you to carry useful devices within your sight and reach e.g. a flashlight, camera, phone, GPS device, drinking bottle. You can use them conveniently while walking without taking your backpack off.

In case of emergency, Maporto Relief Set allows you to continue the walk with one shoulder strap. The backpack can be used by people with dysfunctions in the chest and shoulders regions, e.g. women with pressure hypersensivity after mastectomy.

Maporto Relief Set is fully convertible. It can be quickly attached or removed, depending on your current need.